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Stream: The Afghan Whigs, “The Lottery”

Earlier today, The Afghan Whigs shared a new blown-out rocker from their forthcoming record — the reunited band’s first full-length in 16 years. “The Lottery” features some really gorgeous and heady guitar work, which isn’t … read more »

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Interview: Mark McGuire

The former Emeralds guitarist makes an album that’s as complicated as life is Just to Feel Anything, the last album Emeralds ever released, had song titles like “The Loser Keeps America Clean” and “Search for … read more »

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Stream: Mark McGuire’s Surrogate Channels EP

While we were busy jamming his remix of Prince Rama’s “So Destroyed” last week, Emeralds guitarist Mark Mcguire was slowly racking up plays on a 3-track EP that, unbeknownst to us hungry media people, he … read more »

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Stream: Prince Rama, “So Destroyed (Mark McGuire Remix)”

Of the many fictional bands that the Larson sisters incarnated on their recent Ten Hits For The End of The World LP, Rage Peace, a nihilistic grunge band from the early ’90s, somehow ended up … read more »

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Interview: Emeralds

With over 40 releases to its name, Emeralds—the trio of Steven Hauschildt, Mark McGuire and John Elliott—has established itself over the past six years as one of the most prolific acts in contemporary synth-based music, … read more »


Freak Scene: The Unsound Festival

Freak Scene originally began as a way for us to cover weird and out-there music in a specific corner of the FADER site. Over the years, coverage ranged from harsh noise to psychedelic folk to … read more »

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Stream: Mark McGuire and Charles Berlitz, “MR”

It’s a given that when you see Mark McGuire’s name pop up on a song, there’s going to be some gorgeous, intricate guitar running through the track. All of his work is infused with this … read more »

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Letters to The FADER

This week, we started sharing features from our brand new Spring Style issue, FADER #78, online. Below, we’ve collected some reactions to our previous issue, FADER #77. Have something to say? Write us at letters@thefader.com. … read more »

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GEN F: Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire’s songs—of which there are hundreds, released scattershot and with alarming frequency considering their languid pace—feel like an Inception-style endless trapdoor through which layers of memories and half-remembered tiny moments never really end, so … read more »

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A Year in Music: Sam Hockley-Smith

It’s difficult to differentiate a year in music from just a year. Beyonce exists because we hear her at the gym, Bill Callahan is important because he sings about America while we’re abroad, the first … read more »

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