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Bassweight: a Dubstep Documentary

Initial reaction prior to watching the trailer: once a scene starts gazing in on itself, archiving and looking back, the vitality is usually long over, omg does this mean dubstep is dead, omg stab us, … read more »

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Mary Anne Hobbs’ Final Show on the BBC, Featuring Kode9 and Burial

Mary Anne Hobbs, British radio DJ, is responsible for two important things: the first is possessing one of the most soothing radio voices the airwaves have ever heard. This woman is pure sub-bass quiet storm. … read more »

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Joker Guest Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

So apparently Joker signed to Universal? EDIT: JOKER SIGNED A PUBLISHING DEAL Not even sure what exactly that means in the scheme of things, but CONGRATULATIONS to Joker for getting a major label deal. It … read more »

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Interview With The BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs

On a breezy day in September, before her DJ set at NYC’s renowned dubstep/dark bass staple party Dub War, we sat down with DJ/journalist Mary Anne Hobbs. She is, as you may know, the woman … read more »

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Video: Mary Anne Hobbs’ Surrealist Wild Angels

Earlier this week we got a copy of revered Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs’ Wild Angels—the third installment of her groundbreaking bass mixes for Planet Mu—and it sent us flailing into the deep spaces … read more »

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