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L.I.E.S. | The FADER

L.I.E.S.: Off Beat

Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. takes dance music and runs it over with a truck From the magazine: ISSUE 87, August/September 2013 For more on L.I.E.S., read an oral history of the label. It’s a little past … read more »

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L.I.E.S. | The FADER

Nothing But the Truth: An Oral History of L.I.E.S.

15 L.I.E.S. ARTISTS RECOUNT THE LABEL’S HISTORY From the magazine: ISSUE 87, August/September 2013 For more on L.I.E.S., read Emilie Friedlander’s profile of the label. Quick to deflect praise from himself, Ron Morelli credits the … read more »

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Stream: Roland Tings, “Cagean Sea” (Maxmillion Dunbar Remix)

The original version of Australian producer Roland TIngs’ “Cagean Sea” is smooth to the point that the track’s edges feel blurred and softened, like they’re not even there. It feels like staring at an infinity … read more »

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Video: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Loving the Drift”

Andrew Field-Pickering’s work as Maxmillion Dunbar has ping-ponged through electronic music’s vast network of subgenres, hitting zonked-out, late-night house, jumping into rough-edged lo-fi, experimental work and beyond. His latest album, House of Woo (out Feb. … read more »

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maxmillion dunbar

Stream: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Woo”

When Andrew Field-Pickering, bka Maxmillion Dunbar used to write the Heal Yourself and Move column for this site, he regularly blew my mind by writing about electronic music in such a transcendent way. Yeah, you … read more »

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Download Maxmillion Dunbar’s Bout It Mix

Featured in our current story on electronic labels, Maxmillion Dunbar (on the right) is one half of Future Times, the DC label with a tight niche of deep grooves. He’s just put up a new … read more »

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Download Future Times’ FADER Mix

In FADER #77’s story Four on the Floor, we looked at a quartet of electronic and dance labels based in the states that are truly finding their own renewed themes. Though disco, house and techno … read more »

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Stream: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Peeling an Orange in One Piece”

Serious bro and one half of Beautiful Swimmers, Maxmillion Dunbar, put up a recent staple of his DJ sets, “Peeling an Orange in One Piece.” Its core is lazy hi-hat work with underwater sparkles, perhaps … read more »

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Maxmillion Dunbar’s Mix for Soul Jazz MP3

Maxmillion Dunbar of Beautiful Swimmers and Future Times fame turns in a great, woozy dance mix for British label Soul Jazz. Forty-two minutes of ambient boogie, fruity sludge and gestating house music. It’s disco with … read more »

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