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Download MellowHype’s Hyperreal New Album “I Need Some Answers”

MellowHype celebrated the 4th of July with a crop of new raps on I Need Some Answers. A shy away from the more extreme, animated imagery that dominates Odd Future’s output, INSA finds Hodgy Beats … read more »

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What We’re Thankful For

This year, Thanksgiving comes in the immediate wake of a devastating hurricane, with many people living without the homes in which they have celebrated the holiday for years and, in some cases, generations. So, while … read more »

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By The Numbers: Trash Talk vs. MellowHype

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we’re actually taking on two: Trash Talk‘s 119 and MellowHype‘s Numbers, which dropped simultaneously this … read more »

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Stream: MellowHype, “Grill”

“Grill” is the droning but erratic latest effort from MellowHype. It’s a little reminiscent of Blackendwhite‘s “64″ and its creepy video. The duo’s sophomore full-length Numbers drops next Tuesday, October 9th. Stream: MellowHype, “Grill”

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MellowHype, “Decoy” MP3

Last night, Odd Future’s MellowHype dropped new track “Decoy” via Hodgy Beats’ Twitter. With a jarring energy, the song resembles the group’s last single “La Bonita,” but fits more in line with their stoney output … read more »

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Video: MellowHype, “La Bonita”

Odd Future aren’t known for making jovial anthems about the fairer sex, but MellowHype’s “La Bonita” is a boisterous ode to Latin women. The black and white clip, though, has the boys up to their … read more »

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Stream: MellowHype, “La Bonita”

MellowHype’s “La Bonita” is a sweltering, tropicalia-ish ode to Latina women. From the alien repetition of the song’s title over laid-back xylophone and accordion to the sultry pulling off all your clothes hook at the … read more »

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MellowHype, “Fakuoy” MP3

Only Hodgy Beats raps on MellowHype’s “Fakuoy.” The track is minimal but Hodgy jumps into its waters and doesn’t look back, reaching out to pre-Millennials by referencing Titanic and the Budweiser frogs. Numbers, the follow-up … read more »

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New Tyler, the Creator Album and Odd Future Mixtape Coming this Spring

Spring is a time for bloom and this upcoming one will see a major crop of Odd Future. As told in the sketch press release, above, on March 20th the group will release a follow-up … read more »

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Stream: Mellowhype, “45″

“45″ is a dark and slightly disorienting new track from Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain bka Mellowhype. But despite the track’s name, according to Hodgy, it’s not from Numbers, the album the duo … read more »

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