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Hodgy Beats f. Left Brain, “Crap” MP3

The initial moments of “Crap” sounds clangy and disjointed, like fumbling around in Pro Tools. But as Left Brain starts drawling out a drank-paced verse, Hodgy Beats’ production takes shape. It’s part twinkle, part doom. … read more »

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Stream: Mellowhype, “67″

From warm and playful boom bap to fully unhinged, Flocka-inspired fight music, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, collectively Mellowhype, are proving to be the fastest maturing members of Odd Future. Admittedly, this is a bit … read more »

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Video: Mellowhype “64″

One of the many problems with rap shows is that they tend to be terrible places for artists to debut new music. Fans come to hear the songs they know and the ones they don’t … read more »

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Odd Future Sign a Group Record Deal, Music Business Now More “Fun and Different”

Odd Future have been posting fully-formed records to their Tumblr since last February. Since, they’ve appeared in FADER 71 and on MTV, met Justin Bieber, performed on Fallon and with Diddy in Austin and at … read more »

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Hodgy Beats

Video: Mellowhype f. Bass Drum of Death, “64″

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen some iteration of Odd Future perform either live or on TV at this point. Either you’re looking for it or you’re not, you know? But it’s still … read more »

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Stream: Mellowhype f. Casey Veggies, “Less”

After seeing Odd Future perform a bunch of times now, it’s only becoming more and more clear that Hodgy Beats is super underrated and has serious star potential—like, fast forward to his verse and then … read more »

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Odd Future Steals Shit, Gets Famous

Think stealing is hard? Please see how these munchkins do it. Nakel Smith and Left Brain are hanging out doing basic kick flips then they cruise into the 7 Eleven with a camera/phone, like “lets … read more »

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Mellowhype’s Blackenedwhite Album MP3. OFWGKTA!

Mellowhype aka Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of Odd Future, dropped their new album Blackened White with some serious Diane Arbus in a German haunted house vibes. New verse by Earl! My number one fans … read more »

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Mellowhype, “Right Here” MP3

The Odd Future onslaught has begun—here is a somewhat thorough background on how a crew you didn’t know in spring are now the best/dirtiest dudes in your Twitter timeline (though do not get it twisted, … read more »

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