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Memory Tapes Returns For Real This Time

Pretty soon, Memory Tapes’ sophomore release Player Piano will be on playlists everywhere. And we’ll tell you—a lot of it sounds pretty different from Seek Magic’s 4AM all-night-party melancholy afterglow. It’s a much more reserved … read more »

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Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes, “Today Is Our Life” MP3

Although he’s lately been a constant fixture on the remix scene, Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes has lately been keeping his original stuff close. “Today Is Our Life,” though, is the first new song from … read more »

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Memory Tapes, “Pretend the Devil Isn’t Real” MP3

YOU SUCKERS TOTALLY THOUGHT HALLOWEEN WAS OVER. And okay yeah it is, but doesn’t mean we can’t still post shit that would have been perfect for yesterday, today. The world is a scary place all … read more »

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Premiere: Babe, Terror, “Havai” (Memory Tapes Rework) MP3 and Video

The original version of this Babe, Terror (that comma seriously trips us up) song is an appealingly ambient, seven-minute mega downer (in a good way). Memory Tapes‘ rework, on the other hand, transforms the entire … read more »

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Memory Tapes, “Bicycle” Live at the Levi’s® FADER Fort

We care about your safety at the Levi’s® FADER Fort, so we do not advise you to listen to Memory Tapes‘ “Bicycle” while you’re riding your own—at least not on headphones. But we do suggest … read more »

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Memory Tapes, “Green Knight” (CREEP Remix) MP3

Remember when blog house was the hottest shit around and we’d all throw our neon blue sweatshirts with matching sneakers on and, like, punch a wall and spit beer at each other for all hours … read more »

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Video: Memory Tapes, “Bicycle”

Do you think that when dudes make nature videos they are like, WHAT A MODERN SCIENTIFIC MIRACLE TO SEE THIS BEE SO CLOSELY! Or is it more like, Whoa man some 17-year-old is gonna get … read more »

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Crystal Castles, “Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3

Oh shit! Another Memory Tapes remix. The guy does not stop. But here’s why this is a good move: Crystal Castles‘ sophomore album sounds like a bunch of dudes in trench coats hopped on out … read more »

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Memory Tapes, “Bicycle” (Tanlines Remix) MP3

The funnest thing about putting on a Memory Tapes song is watching people get into it, start to dance and, when the chorus hits, more or less seeing their hearts break in real time. While … read more »

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Memory Tapes

Chapel Club, “Five Trees” (Memory Tapes Version) MP3

Memory Tapes continues his string of remixes for songs we either didn’t know about or didn’t really get into (sorry dudes!), with this new one for London band Chapel Club. By now, the Memory Tapes … read more »

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