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Stream The Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack

From RZA and The Black Keys’ “The Baddest Man Alive” to Kanye West’s “White Dress,” we’ve already heard a legion of music from the soundtrack to RZA’s feature-length directorial debut, The Man with the Iron … read more »

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Video: Method Man f. Cappadonna and Trife, “Diesel Fluid”

Those longing for the days when Wu-Tang were an integral part of skate culture (also the Tibetan Freedom Concert. Also Loud Rocks) need long no longer, because now they’ve got a video paired with some … read more »

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Omarion f. Method Man, “Luke Skywalker (Prod. by Bird Peterson)” MP3

Yesterday Omarion released a new mixtape, The Awakening, probably named to designate his re-awakening. If he could awaken whatever made him make “Touch,” that would be great. Until then, here’s the highlight of that tape, … read more »

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Redman f. Method Man and Bun B, “Lite 1 Witcha Boi” MP3

Dre’s “Kush” doesn’t actually feel like a weeded song to us. It’s more like a sound-replica of the moment when a couple folks are together and about to get high so they’re all built out … read more »

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Meth, Ghost & Rae, “Dangerous” MP3

Remember back in that weird nebulous time when all of Wu-Tang except Ghostface was trying to find their place in the new rap landscape? No one could get an album out and it felt like … read more »

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Meth, Rae & Ghost f. Trife, Sheek Louch and Bully, “Youngstown Heist” MP3

This Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface album is shaping up to be really solid. Like, solid in the way that a trio of dudes who know their new place in rap’s hierarchy and have complete … read more »

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Raekwon, Ghostface and Method Man, “Criminology 2.5″ MP3

Alternate song title for this was “Wu-Tang: Grumpier Old Men.” A revisiting of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx classic “Criminology” from the Wu trio of 2010, this song leads off Wu-Massacre, which will be out … read more »

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Meth, Ghost and Rae’s Avenging Eagles Mixtape

If this were 2005 we’d probably have accidentally bought like two copies of this mixtape at Kim’s before it got raided. But now we’re downloading it on the internet. Primarily meant for us to get … read more »

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Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon, “Our Dreams” MP3

In case you hadn’t heard, these three, in a group they are seeking a name for, are putting out an album. They don’t want it to be released under “Wu-Tang Clan” (too obvious), but we’re … read more »

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New Wu-Name: Your Chance At The Be-All, End-All Resume Brag

Imagine sitting in the lobby waiting for your next job interview with the other final candidates eyeballing you from across the table (this never actually happens, but it’s in lots of bad movies we’ve seen). … read more »

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