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Get Wet: Top Looks from Miami Swim Week

This past weekend, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami took over the gorgeous coast of South Beach, hosting a ton of poolside fashion shows and luxurious parties, sparking a nationwide epidemic of Instagram jealousy. … read more »

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Miami and DC uncapped MP3s: Brisco, Young Breed, Uptown XO

Every Monday we’re sharing exclusive tracks from uncapped LIVE artists. This week brings selections from Miami and Washington DC, with songs by Brisco, Young Breed and Uptown XO. Download: Miami and DC uncapped MP3s

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Video: Rye Rye Dances Everywhere

Rye Rye’s smile is infectious, glowing every time you see her face on camera. At all moments she feels just a half-second away from breaking into dance, and we’re lucky to see her strut all … read more »

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Coming Soon: Rye Rye Dances Everywhere

This trailer for Rye Rye’s upcoming uncapped documentary is basically a minute-long montage of her dancing publicly: in the street, in a studio, on stage. Sometimes she’s supported by fellow professionals and sometimes by little … read more »

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Video: Young Breed Documentary

Though he calls himself the “project president,” Young Breed looks near regal in the barber chair, tilting his chin up for the final touch up on his beard. Setting the stage for the upcoming album … read more »

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YB_Perf3 fader

Video: Young Breed, “I Got Plugs” (Live in Miami)

It’s telling—about both artists, really—that 15 seconds into Young Breed‘s performance of “I Got Plugs” we see his fellow Florida resident Brisco in the audience, head bowed in respect and concentration, digesting Breed’s lyrics and … read more »

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Coming Soon: Young Breed Crowns Himself President

There’s a seriously anti-democratic irony to Young Breed saying, “I’m crowning myself the project president,” but maybe that’s why the quote is so endearing, with the self-elected leader of Miami dancing a perfect fine line … read more »

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Video: Brisco, “Just Know Dat” Live in Miami

Here’s Brisco, the self-proclaimed dictator of Opa-Locka, Florida performing live in his home state, giving us an uptempo, optimistic take on “Just Know Dat.”

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Brisco Gives Us A Private Tour of Opa-Locka, FL

Boasting his supreme Opa-Locka, Florida reputation, Brisco gets serious about losing his mother and his brother before he was 14 years old, and the ensuing introspection that led him to rapping. Years in the making, … read more »

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Coming Soon: Brisco’s Tour of Opa-Locka, FL

Brisco speaks with confidence and calls himself the dictator of Opa-Locka, Florida. Strong words for a documentary trailer. Stay tuned for the full clip.

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