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The Best Presents For Readers

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy … read more »

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Odd Future’s Photo Tumblr to Become an Art Book

Today, Brooklyn-based photo/comic/prose book publisher PictureBox announced they will release Golf Wang, a print, history-capsule version of OFWGKTA’s Golf Wang tumblr. Odd Future and their friends began accumulating the candid feed, mostly shot on film, … read more »

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NYC: Michael Schmelling at Clampart

The Jeff Changs of the world have created some books that sociology professors can assign undergraduates to read about Hip Hop. But few have tackled rap in the way Atlanta, the book photographer Will Schmelling … read more »

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Michael Schmelling and Kelefa Sanneh Talk About Atlanta

Photographer and FADER contributor Michael Schmelling just released Atlanta: Hip-Hop and the South, a photo book that covers pretty much exactly what the title says. You’re not gonna find many images of super-known dudes (although … read more »

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NYC: Celebrate Atlanta Rap with Photographer Michael Schmelling Tomorrow

Michael Schmelling, esteemed photographer and FADER contributor, spent two years chronicling the Atlanta hip-hop scene and the city’s shift into rap’s cultural epicenter. Capturing striking images of ATL youth culture, rappers on the rise and … read more »

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