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Download Jamie xx’s One Hour Love Letter to London

There are intermittent thunderstorms over London today, casting a cool tension over what’s otherwise a scorching June weekend. In the centre of the city, thousands are gathering for the annual Pride parade; from the vantage … read more »

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Red Bull Music Academy Barcelona 2008

Mike Skinner’s FACT Mix MP3

Soon after retiring his The Streets moniker this year, Mike Skinner formed a group with former Music frontman Robert Harvey called The DOT, where Harvey would sing and Skinner would produce. Though not moving totally … read more »

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The Streets Seizes Guardian Music Blog, Releases Alleged Last Song Ever “Close The Book”

We already knew that the staff of the Guardian’s Music Blog have an excellent relationship with Hercules and Love Affair. Now we also know that they’ve also got a bigger conference room than us, and … read more »

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Mike Skinner Officially Releases New Streets Mixtape, No Longer a Dick

Yesterday we got super first world problems and bemoaned the difficulty of “downloading” The Streets new mixtape through some iPhone photographs of soup can bar codes trickery. And the first world listened! Mike Skinner officially … read more »

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Mike Skinner’s Got a New Streets Mixtape But He’s Being Kind of a Dick About It

Mike Skinner announced a month or two ago that, as a companion to The Streets new album, Computers and Blues, he’d be releasing a mixtape, Cyberspace and Reds, whose user sourced artwork is above. Well, … read more »

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Video: The Streets, “Too Numb”

Mike Skinner aka The Streets has a great email list, we really suggest you sign up for his basically daily notes. This morning, different than the normal something cool he found on Google image search … read more »

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Mike Skinner aka The Streets Would Like You to Get Comfortable, Also to Watch a Video of Some Swans

Mike Skinner (or @skinnermike) showed back up on Twitter after a year break linking to The Streets’ blog with a couple of mini-soliloquies and YouTubes. The most substantive was “Comfortable,” above, ostensibly a video about … read more »

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Mike Skinner Cares About You & Swine Flu

Mike Skinner dropped a Tweet-bomb a few weeks ago that he was going to be releasing some new tracks via Twitter. Little did we know that The Streets were going very topical on this next one — get ready for some rapping on the swine flu. read more »

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The Streets – "I Love My Phone"

There must be some method behind Mike Skinner’s social networking madness, and we we’re liking it. The Streets — as he is better known — left some Tweets for us in the past few days, revealing that he would be releasing three new songs this week, via his Twitter account. “I can’t be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time,” he said. And we can’t agree more, so we’re giving you a listen to the first track Skinner has released “I Love My Phone”. read more »

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Mike Skinner Gets Roughed Up While Crowdsurfing In Cambridge

Crowd surfing has always come with its risks. With all those hands grabbing blindly at your bits, something bad is bound to happen eventually. This week, The Streets’ Mike Skinner learned that lesson the hard way. read more »

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