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Timbaland f. Missy Elliott, “Take Ur Clothes Off” MP3

Hold on hold on hold on hold on. This came out today? Today as in Thursday January 13th, 2011? Like, don’t get us wrong. We love Timbaland, but he’s, um, not exactly been making jams … read more »

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Nicki Free Of Kanye’s Still Beasty, “Monster (Kingdom Nicki-Centric Edit)” MP3

First things first: Think Kanye will step down from his not-even half artful anti-feminist cut of the “Monster” video in the final edit, now that he’s caught in the fallout of his year end glory … read more »

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Lindsay Lohan

Queen of “Oops!” Lindsay Lohan is in the New Theophilus London Video

In the video for the original “Oops (Oh My)” video, Tweet is letting a Timbo beat wash over and tempt her inside a fire-and-ice igloo suite, having a girls-only slumber party with Missy and her … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Gina Thompson f. Missy Elliott, “The Things You Do”

This morning we posted a song from Diddy‘s new album, which he’s making with the help of two women friends, Dawn Richards and Kalenna Harper. In time, Diddy’s had a lot of women come in … read more »

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Tweet, "Love Again" MP3

Tweet, it has been absurdly long. Supposedly you will have a new album this year, and while we’re keeping our fingers crossed, the last few years of record label Babylon leaves us slightly less than … read more »

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Missy Elliott f. Teyana Taylor, "Put It On Ya"

Kindred sisters. read more »

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Monica f. Missy Elliott, "Betcha She Don't Love You"

Monica promises she can love you better while channeling early Whitney like what. read more »

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Video: Ciara f. Missy Elliott, “Work”

When Ciara’s Fantasy Ride album outtakes leaked in 1847, someone sent us this song in an email with the subject header, “Blue Collar Realness.” As in, Ciara fully made this track for the banjee set, … read more »

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The FADER “Ching-A-Ling 3D” Neurological Analysis

Our 3-D glasses are in the shop, so at first we were scared to watch the new Missy Elliott video for “Ching-A-Ling / Shake Your Pom Pom.” Would it give us epleptic seizures, like that … read more »

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Audio: Missy Elliott f. Jay-Z, “Ching-A-Ling” Remix

Now with Jay-Z! This is fake. The internet was foiled!

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