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Download Brenmar’s FACT Mix

Brenmar has made a striking, funny and electric mix for FACT magazine. The whole thing feels constantly energized and excited like his mixes always do. Hip-hop becomes experimental dance and vice versa because Brenmar knows … read more »

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Download Nguzunguzu’s FACT Mix

Every new Nguzunguzu mix brings us instant joy (see here, here and here for further proof). Our entire week gets reconfigured around how many times we can listen and dance to it. Their FACT mix … read more »

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Download DJ D’HANA and Rizzla’s Nu Life 1/11 Mix

Back in FADER #56, frequent contributor Krisanne Johnson went to the heart of New York’s new vogue scene and brought back a stunning portfolio of the dancers, designers and assorted characters at one night, in … read more »

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Download Dj Linterna’s Rolas Al Pastor Masala Weird Cumbia Mix

In the two and a half years since our feature on the cumbia scene in Buenos Aires, the South American music has found fans around the world, some of whom who have become creators of … read more »

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Linton Brown’s Summer of Lovestep Mixtape

Lovestep remains one of, if not the best genre names of all time, and fortunately, most of the music released attached to it is of equally memorable quality if you’re into bass-heavy, string-laden sex jams. … read more »

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Swindle Mix for Dummy Mag

London producer Swindle has a discography as varied as our sock drawer (no two match!), so it’s no surprise that his new mix for Dummy runs the UK gamut from soulful grime to bowel-troubling purple … read more »

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Pinch, April 2010 Mix MP3

Celebrated Bristol producer Pinch explores the underpinnings of continental plate shift in his offering for April, avoiding the rote wobble of dubstep’s less imaginative rhythms and attaining an almost mystical take on low-end shuffle. But … read more »

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Exclusive: Sinden FADER Mix

Over the last couple years, very few DJ/producers have been as consistent in manuevering the ever-changing UK club terrain as Sinden. From house to funky to tropical to whatever you want to call his remix … read more »

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The Drank Mix by Parra for HVW8

We can’t go a Friday without posting some kind of mix to put on while you slip some coconut vodka into your office watercooler and watch things devolve accordingly. This time it’s Dutch illustrator and … read more »

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Midnight Juggernauts FABRICLIVE Promo Mix + New Video

Not too long ago we were sitting around talking about music with a somewhat non-music friend and because we can be extremely not cool at times, there was an extended discussion of prog rock. A … read more »

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