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Stream: Mood Rings, “Pathos y Lagrimas”

Mood Rings released one of my favorite slept-on gems of 2011 with Sweater Weather Forever, and now the wistful Atlanta band have finally come through on that EP’s promise, signing to Mexican Summer and prepping … read more »

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Mood Rings, “Promise Me Eternity” MP3

It’s hard coming up with words to describe Mood Rings‘ “Promise Me Eternity” not synonymous with wistful. They exist, and it’s best to bypass the cliché, but there’s something super ‘vague or regretful longing’ built … read more »

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Mood Rings’ Debut EP, Sweater Weather Forever

Mood Rings’ debut EP is called Sweater Weather Forever, a tile we’re going to blatantly rip off for a future Itemized post. This winter has been heavy on the knits, mostly out of sleepy-eyed getting-dressed … read more »

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