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John Blu "In Love Wit Yo Booty" MP3

Jive Records fired off Usher as their R&B big gun last week. Of the label’s flagship artists popping off this year: R. Kelly, T-Pain, and Raheem DeVaughn are putting out big hits. The label is … read more »

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Video: Aloe Blacc "I Need A Dollar"

“I Need A Dollar” could literally be the theme song of the country right now—a melancholy yet honest story of hard times. Some how, it’s comforting because it’s a reminder that it’s not just you … read more »

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Suite903 Souvenirs: Four Albums from Winter Music Conference 2010

Now that the 2010 Winter Music Conference all wrapped up, Suite903 has something to show other than a pocket full of stones from Miami beach. If WMC was any indication of where the independent soul … read more »

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Suite903's Winter Music Conference Weekend Guide 2010

If you haven’t had your fill of this season of music festivals yet, WMC should be where you top things off. So what SXSW just ended on Sunday. Another round of back to back concerts, … read more »

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Video: Hudson Mohawke "Joy Fantastic"

We ate some brownies for lunch and they tasted kinda funny. We shrugged it off since the special ingredient was some sort of gourmet dark chocolate (the bitter kind), but watching this video makes us … read more »

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Who is Jill Scott? (10 Years Later)

After the Y2K fluke, we shrugged our shoulders (pre-Kanye shrug) at the mysterious tech hoax. There were questions we just didn’t have the answers to, and in music this one also stumped us: “Who Is … read more »

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Video: Get International Soul in Eurovision

For those of who you who have not been keeping up to date with the Eurovision Song Competition (this means non-Europeans stuck on FiOs), the 2010 songs are hitting YouTube, and there are a few … read more »

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Stream: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "I Learned The Hard Way"

Certain subjects belong with certain genres of music. Songs about cheating and heartbreak belong in soul because, well that kinda shit stirs a feeling that breaks down your entire mindset. It’s mostly because you are … read more »

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Video: Sabrina Washington, "OMG" (Oh My Gosh)

It’s high time the U.S. start importing girl groups because the ones here are lucky if their careers last longer than their menstrual cycles. Bickering (3LW) and raging hormones (Destiny’s Child), have put some of … read more »

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Gordon Voidwell, "Disco Afternoon" MP3

The joke’s on you if you believed there’s nothing but emptiness in the world of Gordon Voidwell. There’s plenty of synths, guitars, and other noisemakers to comb through on the Brooklynite’s new song “Disco Afternoon.” … read more »

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