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My Morning Jacket Draws New Fans, Set to Appear on American Dad

Bands making appearances in cartoons is tradition, from The Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth rocking Homerpalooza on The Simpsons to a cameo from Radiohead on a particularly demented episode of South Park (yes, they make … read more »

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American Jacket

Probably the weirdest part about the music industry tumbling all at once is the alternative methods of promotion that have sprung up in the wake. Not that it’s a new thing for bands to appear … read more »

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Monsters of Folk Offer New Song, Are Weirdly Demanding

Watch out for Oberst’s pinchers. read more »

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Yim Yames Likes Beatles

My Morning Jacket frontman covers the best of the Fab Four. WE SAID IT! read more »

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Conor Oberst + Jim James + M. Ward + Mike Mogis = Monsters of Folk

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Sorry. read more »

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LCD Sounsystem, My Morning Jacket, RJD2 and Others Collaborate for Charity

A slew of awesome artists are lending their talents to charity, making a compilation album called Causes 2, to try and help benefit charity organizations aiding in the effort to stop the mass genocide occurring in Darfur. Among the artists participating in the project are, My Morning Jacket, LCD Soundsystem, RJD2, and Gnarls Barkley. read more »

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My Morning Jacket – Countdown + "Celebration/Get Down On It", Live On New Years At MSG

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Freeload: My Morning Jacket Live At Madison Square Garden

We’ve been known to download the occasional Grateful Dead bootleg, have had more than a few excited conversations about new Animal Collective songs ripped from soundboards, and have already set a Google alert for “Phish … read more »

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Already the third Jagjaguwar release on our year end best-of list, and undoubtedly one of our favorite bands of 2008, Parts & Labor quietly put out one of the best records of the year. With an entire line-up that boasts side projects and a label between band founders Dan Friel and BJ Warsaw, Parts & Labor are a band that remains both an integral part of their hometown Brooklyn musical community as well as the national independent music scene. Yet despite their DIY ethos and with nary a miss on the entire album, Receivers is the type of epic record we’ve come to expect from bands like My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses. And one that opens up the discussion that Parts & Labor are becoming a band worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as bands of that level. read more »

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Who Will Play Jerry Garcia?

The Hollywood Reporter just announced a new Jerry Garcia biopic to be produced by some of the guys behind Election, Little Miss Sunshine and Hamlet 2. So, while we have recently treated Jerry with a … read more »

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