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Waka Flocka, Salute Me or Shoot Me 3 Mixtape

Over the weekend, Kanye West released a new video, Lil B released another set of songs and Waka Flocka released a new mixtape. Since the release of Flockaveli, the Brick Squad crew have been a … read more »

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Mystikal Out of Jail, Back to Sexual Spoken Word about “That Woman”

Following a heap of messy state and federal charges stemming from missed tax returns, sexual battery against his hairdresser and some extortion too, Mystikal got locked up at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in 2006, stayed … read more »

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Mannie Fresh and Mystikal Hang Out in a Car

Right around 1:28 of this video, Mystikal finally settles on a Mannie Fresh beat to rap over and then goes off for a couple seconds. It is awesome. Mannie Fresh seems excited to play Mystikal … read more »

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Video: Lloyd f. Mystikal, "Set Me Free"

When gathering the ingredients for the authentic ramble of Mardi Gras, there is never a shortage of tuba players and snare drummers to bring the noise. Instruments are just a small part of the region-specific … read more »

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Video: Lloyd f. Mystikal, “Set Me Free”

Mystikal‘s back and barking like a dog again. Can’t say we didn’t miss the sound of his voice even though you know, IT’S COMPLICATED. This amazing video is as much a paean to these dudes’ … read more »

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Mystikal and Fiend, “I’ont Like You” MP3

New song by Mystikal and Fiend: also known as two dudes teaming up to yell and growl a bunch. No but really, in no small part to producer KLC, this sounds like Vintage Mystikal: tense … read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it’s Soulja Slim featuring Mystikal, “I’ll Pay For it (remix). Listen below and read after … read more »

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