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Look: Ruvan Wijesooriya’s Seven-Year Portrait of LCD Soundsystem

From 2004 until the day LCD Soundsystem quit being a band, Ruvan Wijesooriya followed the group, first as a fan, and then as their adopted resident photographer. This month, powerHouse Books is releasing a monograph … read more »


Video: Holy Ghost! f. Nancy Whang and Juan Maclean, “I Wanted to Tell Her”

Deadhorse Films’ Ben Fries, one of the talents we flagged in FADER #77’s roundup of video directors to watch, directed this clip for Holy Ghost‘s cover of “I Wanted to Tell Her,” a track from … read more »

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The Juan MacLean, “Feel So Good” MP3

The relentless drive of this new Juan MacLean song, exclusive to his upcoming DJ-Kicks mix (April 27th, !K7), is bittersweet, its muscle derived solely from the limbs and spirit of the late great Jerry Fuchs. … read more »

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Video: The Juan Maclean, “Happy House”

The concept for this video is so simple and perfectly understated, much like how The Juan Maclean’s disco equation of subtle and no-frills translates to elegance on the dancefloor: LED lights hitting diagonally on white-adorned … read more »

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Audio: The Juan Maclean Happy House Is Out And We Are Happy Office

Did you catch that joke up there? It was awesome, right? But not as awesome as The Juan Maclean’s “Happy House” which is streaming at RCRD LBL. We wrote at length like drooly babies about … read more »

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Freeload: Juan Maclean Resident Advisor Podcast

Because we got sick of listening to a two minute clip from “Happy House” on Juan Maclean’s Myspace page, we downloaded the mix he made for Resident Advisor to listen to a five minute clip … read more »

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