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Interview: 3D Na’Tee

New Orleans native 3D Na’Tee is one of the most ferocious rappers currently recording. Her mixtape The Coronation, released in July, includes production from Lex Luger and a guest spot from Keri Hilson, as well … read more »

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Video: Na’Tee, “Lil Kim”

Na’Tee’s Casa Di-produced “Lil Kim” isn’t about the “Big Momma Thang” rapper; instead, it’s a story track about a young woman victimized by an older man, and it ends with an unexpected twist. Na’Tee’s The … read more »

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Na’Tee Be Killin Em

How many times did they get this dude to run the prologue lines with Na’Tee‘s cat eyes? Her speaking voice is nice, wish she could come record that King Cake sweet, “Thanks though, have a … read more »

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We Slept On Na’Tee But Are Making Up For It By Watching “Back To The Block” All Day

Huge bummer that the video above was uploaded to YouTube in September 2010 and we are only now hearing it. Our fault, Na’Tee. But “Back 2 Da Block” is one of the better, more promising … read more »

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