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Come on Irene: Songs For The Hurricane That Claimed New York

Hard not to include four Bob Dylan songs,* here, but in between reading rounds, correcting captions, writing incredibly witty blog posts, procuring rations, batteries and wind up emergency radios from Brookstone, stocking up on Bushmills, … read more »

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Scion Puts Hip-Hop In The Backseat, Revs Up For Metal Madness

Scion, one of the hip-hop culture’s greatest supporters since it’s inception, has recently taken its focus off its pet project and turned its attention to some of today’s best working metal bands for an all out showdown it Atlanta. With a line-up that is already over 20 bands deep and name drops like nobodies business, if this isn’t the metal show of 2009 Stateside, well then we don’t know what kind of shows you’re going to. read more »

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Metal Supergroup Shrinebuilder To Enter And Report Live From Studio

Yesterday we received a cryptic e-mail from a friend stating that Shrinebuilder will enter the studio no later than January 10 and that we should post it immediately. Why? We asked. Because Shrinebuilder is comprised of Scott “Wino” Weinrich of Saint Vitus and Hidden Hand, Dale Crover of The Melvins, Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Al Cisneros of Om. read more »

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