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New Music Thursday – Twin Crystals

Yup, we did it. We were able to find two new Crystal bands in consecutive weeks. Last week it was the Euro-dance Kitsune product Crystal Fighters, this week it’s Vancouver’s psychedelic-punk-pioneers Twin Crystals. But don’t be scared off by the name. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Crystal Fighters

Bringing a progressive agglomeration of Basque-influenced folk, electronic synthetic beats and unparalleled vocals to the forefront of European music through their infamous live shows and rigorous tour schedule, the East London-based five-some of fury Crystal Fighters are absolutely killing it. read more »


New Music Thursday – Best Hits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if High Places and Dan Deacon had a love child? Aside from the hotly disturbing picture this thought paints (no offense to anyone), it would probably sound something like Best Hits. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Francis Harold & The Holograms

This week, our never ending quest to find you the best new sounds takes us to the remote plains of Bisbee, Arizona, an old mining town that’s since blossomed as an unlikely artistic mecca deep in the desert. It’s here that pummeling death-punk quartet Francis Harold & the Holograms call home, which, given their penchant for ear-splitting noise and shredded songcraft, puts them at odds with the area’s picturesque views and generally calm demeanor. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Zola Jesus

There’s been a little buzz building here and there about Zola Jesus, and we’d like to take this opportunity to turn the buzz up to 11. She’s Nika Danilova, she’s 19 and the quote on her MySpace says it all: “fear the banshee.” read more »

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New Music Thursday – Cartridge

Have you ever thought “Man, I like Vampire Weekend, but I wish they added a bit more electro to their Afro-beat”? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Meet Cartridge, four dudes from Denmark who mix funky bass grooves, ethereal vocals, traditional pop and oh, yeah — those lovely synth notes. read more »

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