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Night Slugs Share Manifesto: “We want people to break rules.”

UK CLUB LABEL CELEBRATES SIXTH BIRTHDAY BY SHARING GUIDELINES FOR RESHAPING CLUB MUSIC London label Night Slugs has made a habit of turning the club space inside out. In 2010, when UK club music was … read more »

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Listen to Bok Bok’s Mischievous “Da Foxtrot”

FADER PREMIERE You can’t stop…. dancing, whispers a mystery singer on the intro to Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok‘s “Da Foxtrot” from his new EP Your Charizmatic Self, which also features that seamless Kelela collaboration. … read more »

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Watch a New Documentary From Fade to Mind and Night Slugs

Icy Lake is a new short but crucial music documentary that tells the story of a mystery 90s ballroom track that sounds like it could’ve been put out yesterday or in a year’s time. There’s … read more »

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GEN F: Kelela

“It takes you on a journey that feels good but isn’t predictable” From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013 There are songwriters who start with words, and songwriters who focus squarely on melody—Los Angeles singer … read more »

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Stream: Kelela, “Keep It Cool” (Prod. by Jam City)

Just a few days out from the October 1st release of her Cut 4 Me debut, Los Angeles singer Kelela leaked another track on Rookie this morning, starring some snaky synth motifs courtesy of Night … read more »

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Stream: Kelela, “Enemy”

On October 1st “Bankhead” singer Kelela will drop her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, featuring a bunch of wild beats from the Fade To Mind family as well as its London sister label, Night Slugs. … read more »

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Download Total Freedom’s Opening Ceremony Mix

Ashland Mines bka Total Freedom—who was featured as a part of Fade to Mind in our current story on electronic labels—has crafted a stellar mix for Opening Ceremony. Fans of Night Slugs will rejoice over … read more »

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Four on the Floor: Electronic Labels

Everything goes in cycles, and right now we’re currently somewhere in the late-middle period of a heavy electronic music resurgence. Everyone involved is obsessed with talking about the textures of their music, and even more … read more »

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Stream: Kingdom, “Let You No”

If you think of the internet as one vast, massively endless series of encyclopedias then Kingdom has definitely read all the ones about music. It’s not that “Let You No” is a perfect song, because … read more »

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The Let Out: El Guincho & Egyptrixx

The hits don’t quit! Tonight on the Let Out, The FADER’s show on East Village Radio, we’ve got yet another international party for your internet airwaves. First up, Toronto’s Egyptrixx will do a very awesome … read more »

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