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Video: Hostage, “Roll” and Free EP

Scottish bass producer Hostage is not subtle. His name is fricking Hostage, for example, and he actually set the stage on fire during his set at Glastonbury while DJing “Fire” by the Prodigy. Not subtle! … read more »

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Jubilee, BQE Mix

One of the things we most like about Jubilee as a DJ is that she knows her way the hell around the bass, something that certainly stems from her Florida upbringing (weaned on the booty … read more »

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Premiere: Momma’s Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, “Party Rock” MP3

Momma’s Boy and Mixik the Cat are actually the same person—producer Mike Gnacadja—so the concept of one man doing a song versus himself might sound weird at first. But from moniker to moniker, he creates … read more »

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DJ Donna Summer, “Raw” MP3

To coincide with that crazy DJ Donna Summer video we posted last week previewing his new EP (out today), here’s the title track, in “320″ version because we know you people love high quality mp3s … read more »

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Video Premiere: DJ Donna Summer, “Raw”

Man, Times Square used to be so much cooler. Well, maybe it wasn’t cooler if you were that punk dude nodding off, or that rollerskater (!) who gets hit by a car, but we would … read more »

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Premiere: DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs and Jubilee, “Flashing Lights Mix v. 4″ x NYC Party Info

Ayres, Catch and Jubilee are having the first installment of their glowsticky NYC monthly since Studio B shuttered its doors, and while we are sad about that closure, the train ride from our office-crib to … read more »

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