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Interview: Nigo

Japanese designer Nigo (born Tomoaki Nagao) is an icon of the kind of playful, colorful, ahead-of-the-curve street style that’s now synonymous with his country’s take on fashion—with his groundbreaking Tokyo brand A Bathing Ape, which … read more »

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Nigo Grows Up (Sort of) With Human Made

Legendary Japanese streetwear designer Nigo reveals his spin on Americana with his new line Human Made. It seems Nigo has traded in the garrish colors and graphics of A Bathing Ape for the more subdued … read more »

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A Bathing Ape Fall 2010

A Bathing Ape seems to have grown-up a bit, with an on-point collection of hoodies and vests in Native American prints, nicely cut oxford shirts and work pants, and what looks like a pretty perfect … read more »

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The Sound of Sneakers

Nigo and Hiroshi Fujiwara – the spiritual godfathers of the modern day sneaker fetishist – have both put out really expensive, limited-edition import mix CDs. You might have seen Nigo and his pal Pharell out … read more »

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