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NIN Used as Torture?

No, really. At Guantanamo Bay. It’s messed up. read more »

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Mew's New Album May Have Longest Title Ever

The band, not the Pokemon. read more »

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Trent Reznor Will Never Become Gene Simmons

His loss. Do you know how rich that dude is? read more »


UPDATE: Trent Reznor Has Helped Raise Over $446k For Hopeful Heart Transplant Recipient In One Day

Man, we’re updating all of yesterday’s news it seems like. First it was Bob Dylan who didn’t write the poem that is being auctioned as such, and then Lex Records said Mike Patton is not working with Watchmen author Alan Moore. But if we are to leave you with one update this week, it would be the feel good story of Trent Reznor helping a fan raise over $260,000 for a much needed heart transplant. read more »

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NIN Launches New iPhone App

Trent Reznor has an iPhone, didn’t you hear? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. And you should also know that technologically savvy NIN have launched a brand new iPhone application, so fans can be up to the minute on everything NIN, right at the touch of their fingers. read more »

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SxSW 2009 Photos – Jane's Addiction @ The Playboy Party

This year at the ever-awesome, always impossible to get into Playboy/E3 party during SxSW, our deepest fantasies were truly brought to life — and not just by the Playmates strutting around in white bunny leotards. Rather, it was the emergence of Jane’s Addiction, in full original line up with Eric Avery back on bass, Dave Navarro ubiquitously shirtless, Perry Ferrell and Steven Perkins back in their element, rocking as hard if not harder than they did almost two decades ago. read more »

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