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Linda Perhacs prisms of glass

Interview: Linda Perhacs + “Prisms of Glass” Video

Forty-four years ago, a young dental hygienist named Linda Perhacs recorded Parallelograms, an ahead-of-its-time collection of folk songs made for sunny days spent lost in your own head. After decades of existing in relative obscurity, … read more »

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Video: Droop-E f. J. Stalin and Nite Jewel, “N The Traffic”

In the winter, I find myself listening to albums that are better for summer weather. Lately, I keep returning to Pete Rock and Deda’s The Original Baby Pa, which has a three song run right … read more »

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Stream: Tomas Barfod, “November Skies” (Nite Jewel Remix)

“November Skies” has some legs, huh? Partly it’s because the original is so strong, but each remix has taken on a new light as well. Here, Nite Jewel sucks the electronic warmth out of the … read more »

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Video: Nite Jewel & Julia Holter, “What We See”

We’ve heard Nite Jewel and Julia Holter collaborate before, even styling themselves as a single artistic entity by the name of Nite Jewelia. But there’s a special, quiet power to the two of them actually … read more »

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Super Guachin, “Se Pixelo el Vinito (Nite Jewel Remix)” MP3

It’s always nice to have a trusted source keeping you abreast with what’s going on in the southern hemisphere, which is what Buenos Aires’ ZZK Records does a consistently good job with. This time, their … read more »

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Striking a Chord: Eight New Musicians Look at the Wide Influence of Philip Glass

TYONDAI BRAXTON: Figures like Philip Glass helped to tie classical culture to the modern age. The connection he made was profound and helped usher in a new way of looking at music of hundreds of … read more »

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Interview: Nite Jewel at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse

Although she’s got a few albums to her name, Nite Jewel’s most recent, One Second of Love is her big breakout. It’s full of weird funk, and a sort of just slightly off sense of … read more »

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Nite Jewel “One Second of Love (Peaking Lights One Love Remix)” MP3

Nite Jewel’s title track off One Second of Love is perhaps the most distinctly poppy and polished thing she’s ever produced, so it’s fun to hear how Peaking Lights has wacked out all that high-gloss, … read more »

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Second Life: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump

The sophomore slump is a classic jinx. Often, after debuting with unexpected success, musicians buckle under new pressures. We spoke with Santigold, Dustin Wong, Perfume Genius, Nite Jewel and Frankie Rose about how, after making … read more »

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Stream: Nite Jewel’s One Second of Love

There’s no lo-fi tip-toeing around on Nite Jewel’s One Second of Love. Ramona Gonzalez has fully committed to her sound and whole-heartedly embraced the role of singer since her 2007 album Good Evening. In that … read more »

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