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Stream: Nite Jewel, “In the Dark”

There’s no coy veil over “In the Dark,” just Ramona Gonzalez bka Nite Jewel‘s clear, cold-water singing over ambling synths and a bright drum chop. The track comes from Nite Jewel’s second LP One Second … read more »

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Stream: Nite Jewel, “One Second of Love”

Could Nite Jewel’s Ramona Gonzalez be wearing a more perfect top on the cover art for her forthcoming album One Second of Love? That sheer-sleeved, sweetheart neckline (not to mention that big, updated side part!) … read more »

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GEN F: Nite Jewel

The three plus minutes of “Let’s Go the Two of Us Together” by Nite Jewel wobble along like the synthesizer is stuck on the “Funky Conga” preset. There is an alluring ramshackleness to it, the … read more »

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Stream: Nite Jewel, “She’s Always Watching You”

At the beginning of “She’s Always Watching You,” it almost seems like Ramona Gonzales’ voice has been stolen and isolated from another track and added Nite Jewel’s stilted and spare beats. That thought quickly deadens … read more »

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Getting Weird With Human Ear Music

Seems like a million years ago that we posted the dusky, vaguely Fleetwood Mac-influenced “Heart Shaped Rock” by Nite Jewel and Jason Grier, the man behind label/collective Human Ear Music. Turns out it wasn’t even … read more »

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Video: Nite Jewel, “Am I Real?” + Classixx Remix MP3

New video for last summer’s song: Nite Jewel‘s “Am I Real?” gives form to the living-room pop world of her music, with stacks of records on the floor, weird wall art and a fuzzy TV. … read more »

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Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers, “Frozen Moments” (Nite Jewel Vocal Mix)

Silk Flowers experiments plenty with pure instrumentals on their new album Ltd. Form, giving vocalist Aviram Cohen’s vicegrip deadpan a rest on a few tracks. It’s much needed, too. A voice like his needs a … read more »

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Nite Jewel, “It Goes Through Your Head (DāM-FunK Clubdub)” MP3

Though it is not officially a song from Nite Jewel and Dam-Funk‘s appropriately monikered collaboration Nite Funk, this new song should give an indication of what to expect when the two do eventually birth their … read more »

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Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 3.00.09 PM

Video: Nite Jewel, “We Want Our Things”

Okay, here is how we imagine Los Angeles right now. Ariel Pink is wandering around the city with Puro Instinct with a crappy boombox and a mattress while Nite Jewel hangs in dark alleys singing … read more »

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Nite Jewel De-Verbed: "Am I Real?"

When a genuine musical shift happens, for even a season or a year, any artist associated with that phenomenon can be easily pinned and hung up on a line, never to be revisited by those … read more »