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Live: Noise Pop 2012

San Francisco: neck tattoos, biker boots, pot smoke, excellent food, terrible jeans. Our Noise Pop adventure begins at a festival-sponsored happy hour at Benders bar in the Mission with the revelation, approximately ten seconds into … read more »

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Win Tickets To Noise Pop Festival In SF

Do you like Noise? Do you like Pop? Get thee to San Francisco, man! This year’s Noise Pop festival will include appropriately billed acts such as The Magnetic Fields, Free Energy, Atlas Sound, Foreign Born, … read more »

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Contest: Win Tickets to Noise Pop

Just because we’re not heading to Noise Pop doesn’t mean that should stop you from going. So if you’re hanging around the Bay or if you have a really good means of getting there (take … read more »

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First Wave of Noise Pop Dates and Artists Announced

Some other cities have recently made some pretty bold claims about their music scenes. You might have heard about them a few hundred times. So it was about time San Francisco chimed in and made … read more »

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Treasure Island Music Festival Confirmed For Oct. 17-18 In San Fran Bay

Ah, festival season. The gift that just keeps on giving. This time, we’ve got confirmed dates of the third annual Treasure Island Music Festival, taking place Saturday and Sunday October 17-18, smack in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. read more »

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Cross Country Bear: An Interview With Bob Mould

Lots of what has been written about Bob Mould revolve around his involvement in music being seminal (punk band Hüsker Dü), groundbreaking (indie Sugar), and boundless (his solo projects). But what’s fun to see is that beneath a man who keeps a stoic front is a guy who clearly cares about not only his craft, but is attuned to the changes impacting us societally and worldwide. read more »

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Noise Pop Closing Party + Les Savy Fav Interview

I’m incredulous that any of my live shots came out during Les Savy Fav’s closing Noise Pop set at Mezzanine Sunday, or that I escaped wound-free. Four songs in, the photo pit barricade was being ripped to pieces by the crowd thrashing about; at one point, people began lifting the rail about their heads. Once the barrier returned to the ground, my hips were subjected to barricade bars being slammed into them by the moshing audience. Then I had to watch out for crowd surfers, my shirt being pulled down to expose my bra, and not breaking my borrowed camera. read more »


Noise Pop Day Four + Cut Off Your Hands Interview

Traditionally, the Friday of Noise Pop tends to be the shit day for me. Dudes who I had relations with three years ago come by, I lose a shoe, I never get the carne asada tacos I am promised. I was hoping I was not going to go 0-3 for the 2009 Noise Pop season, but things get disguised in mysterious ways. read more »

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Noise Pop Day 3

That’s it, dudes. I am officially old. At the tender age of 24, it’s occurred to me that I no longer can consume mass amounts of booze like I used to without wanting to crawl into my sweet bed and pass out. What’s happening to me?! read more »

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Noise Pop Day 2

In between drinking Budweiser from a giant red bucket and questioning the new indie version of Tawny Kitaen, we managed to bounce all along Market Street for day two of the Noise Pop festivities while … read more »

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