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The Best Presents For Music Nerds

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy … read more »

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Did Kanye and Jay-Z Illegally Sample Syl Johnson on Watch The Throne?

Earlier today, Numero Group tweeted at Kanye West and Jay-Z, confronting them about a potentially uncleared sample of renowned soul singer Syl Johnson’s “Different Strokes” on WTT’s “The Joy.” Numero Group gave an official statement … read more »

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Numero Group Unearths Rare 1987 Raps From Cleveland

Best known for their fine soul reissues, the Numero Group dips their toes into the random rap craze with this unheard 1987 outing from Cleveland emcee Doc Rhymin’, cut at the Boddie pressing plant. Little … read more »

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Interview: Syl Johnson

Syl Johnson—one of the most sampled, and until quite recently, the most under-credited blues singer of his time—sat down with our own Mobolaji to talk about the sum of his musical experiences and his well-deserved … read more »


Q+A: Numero Group/* Records

Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley, the deep crated folks who run the the Numero Group, have begun to reissue full albums as Asterisk (or simply *). Covering not dissimilar ground as Numero, lo-fi everything, basement … read more »

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