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Beyoncé, “Bow Down/ I Been Down” (Chopped Not Slopped by OG Ron C) MP3

OG Ron C, reliable clearing house of Chopped & Screwed freebies and Southern Entertainment Awards’ recently-crowned Best DJ in the South, has remixed “Bow Down/I Been Down,” Beyoncé’s head-taking album teaser/probable non-single, produced jointly by … read more »

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OG Ron C, the 39-year-old Houston producer, DJ and Swishahouse co-founder, has made some 1,500 tapes since music “took” him in the late ’80s. From his home studio in Texas, where he’s busy building out … read more »

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Download Chief Keef’s Finally Rich, Chopped Not Slopped by OG Ron C

Houston’s OG Ron C has chopped and slowed Chief Keef’s Finally Rich, turning Keef’s “Laughin to the Bank” huahhhauuhaahh laugh into an even more ridiculous, big-belly vampire huuuaahhhauuuuhaaaaahhhh. Stream and download below. For more on … read more »

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riff raff

Video: Riff Raff, “So Throwed”

Orbit Didit have turned in the first of ten planned new videos for rap’s most compelling puzzle, Riff Raff, contributing druggy and weirdly desolate visuals for his P Jerz collaboration “So Throwed,” a decidedly purple … read more »

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Beat Construction: OG Ron C

One of Houston’s finest finds a second life for screwed and chopped music with help from a famous friend. For the past two decades, Houston’s OG Ron C has been releasing mixes of chopped and … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Whitney Houston

Yesterday evening at the Laneway Festival in Singapore, Girls performed Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” famously covered by Whitney Houston. In the video, Chris Owens is obviously emotional and singing into the wind, … read more »

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Download The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C

Stalwart remixer of October’s Very Own’s output OG Ron C has taken his turn at bat to give The Weeknd’sEchoes of Silence the old chopped not slopped treatment. Download his Chops of Silence below, and … read more »

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Download Drake’s Take Care Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C

Of course this was going to happen, and thank god. First posted on October’s Very Own, we now present here what is formally titled Drake’s ChopCare: Take Care OG Ron C Version. And with the … read more »

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Video: The Weeknd, “The Knowing”

Six months after The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye tweeted, “there are no official music videos,” watch Paris-based filmmaker Mikael Colombu’s seven-minute, very official video for “The Knowing,” the closing track from House of Balloons. The mini-film’s … read more »

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Drake, “Club Paradise” + “Free Spirit” Chopped and Screwed by OG Ron C MP3s

More from the king of Fuck Action, OG Ron C. He screws and chops (but not slops) the two newest Drake songs, “Club Paradise” and “Free Spirit,” which features Rick Ross. “Club Paradise” sounds like … read more »

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