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Salem, “Asia” (oOoOO Remix) MP3

Normally this is the point where we’d make some joke about how insular this whole affair is. A dark dude mixing a dark trio to—SURPRISE—dark results. But here’s the thing: remixes of Salem songs, at … read more »

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oOoOO, 120 Minutes Mix

So okay. Do you know how much trouble we still have remembering which Os to capitalize in oOoOO‘s name? A LOT OF TROUBLE. But his music makes it all worth it. We’re not gonna lie … read more »

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Goth Dudes are Weird aka Oneohtrix Point Never and Friends Cover Lindsay Lohan

Robin Carolan of 20jazzfunkgreats and Tri Angle Records is an eccentric dude with taste. High, low, good, bad, he know what he likes. Mostly, that is pop music in all its warped forms. His celebration … read more »

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The Big Pink, “Tonight” (oOoOO Remix) MP3

Expanding on the basic idea of The Big Pink‘s industrial thump love songs, the increasingly prolific oOoOO turns “Tonight” into a haunting world of echoed vocals drifting across ice-cold keys. Look out for more from … read more »

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oOoOO, “Hearts” MP3

Smack in the middle of yesterday’s oOoOO-curated Actual Pain mixtape was “Hearts,” a departure from what we’ve already heard from the unpronounceable dude. Prior to this, oOoOO’s music was overwhelmingly dark—syrupy vocals and soul crushing … read more »

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oOoOO’s Actual Pain Mixtape MP3

Past mixtapes curated by macabre-leaning Seattle clothing label Actual Pain have been more explicitly goth affairs, but not so much with this oOoOO curated excursion, despite the San Francisco band’s affection for gloom. Instead, they … read more »

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Video: oOoOO, “Seawww”

There are zero actual words in this band’s name, and you’d have to stretch it to find one in the song title, but that’s how music is rolling right now. Just recently we caught Salem … read more »

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