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Ezra Koenig to Join Karen O for Oscars Performance

Save for Björk and Elliott Smith, the Academy Awards’ live musical performances tend to lean toward stodgy, traditional pop. But this year, the Oscar-nominated songs feature some exciting names, all of whom will perform live … read more »

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Staff Selects: Slept-On Soundtrack Moments From 2K13

Every week, a different FADER staffer compiles a playlist for our our Spotify app, where it lives alongside GEN Fs from our archives and playlists for each issue. This week, to psych ourselves for the … read more »

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Karen O, Pharrell and Arcade Fire Among 2014 Oscar Nominees

Bright and early this morning Chris Hemsworth (of no relation to Ryan) announced the 2014 Academy Award Nominations. So maybe your favorite movie this year was Lana Del Rey’s 30-minute music video (not nominated, in … read more »

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Oscars Trash Talk: Mandy Moore’s Enduring Light

There’s an imaginary Mandy Moore career, picking up somewhere around the release of American Dreamz, the 2006 box office disaster where she portrayed a unstable contestant on a pseudo-American Idol. She was 22. This is … read more »

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Oscars Trash Talk: Shame on Gen Y

As you probably heard, last night’s Oscars was a shame on Gen Y. Anne Hathaway and James Franco failed to live up to their teasers (hate to say, told you so, but told you so!), … read more »

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Oscars Trash Talk: James Franco’s a Dunce, Lesbians and Internet Lose to England

Last night at the 83rd Academy Awards, James Franco showed up without makeup or having brushed his teeth. He and Anne Hathaway were brought on to make the show young and hip. For Hathaway, whose … read more »

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Oscar Hosts With the Mostest (Tweets)?

I love the spectacle of the Oscars as much as anyone else who goes to Oscar parties wishing she could close caption the other partygoers (though, appreciates anyone who will endure and encourage her running … read more »

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Internet Hangover: Best Oscars of All Time

Every Monday, FADER editorial director Peter Macia will ease in to the work week by writing semi-extensively and somewhat incoherently about something that is making his head hurt. This week, his take on the 82nd … read more »

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Oscar Review: Commie Homo-loving Slumdog Magicianaires!

Holy crap, what a show! Though we technically only watched a combined fifteen minutes of it live, we have spent the morning after transfixed by Gawker’s Top Ten Moments (Petit!), Hugh Jackmans’ song and dance … read more »

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M.I.A. To Perform At The Oscars Will.I.Am Style?

Most new mother’s embrace their maternity leave, but M.I.A. might just think she’s the world’s new Bionic Woman. The singer, who performed at the Grammy’s on her due date, is pushing the envelope yet again, hoping to perform at this Sunday’s Oscars, just one week after giving birth to her new son — possibly by hologram. read more »

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