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Dr. Dre, P. Diddy Explain “How Hip-Hop Changed Them” For Vh1 Doc

Tonight is the premiere installment of The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip-Hop, Vh1′s four-part documentary that explores the ascent of hip-hop and its lasting influence on contemporary American culture. To promote the series, … read more »


Bloomberg Blasts Diddy For NYPD Favors

As a rule, rappers are supposed to hate the cops, but it seems that Diddy is warming up to the NYPD. According to the New York Post, Mayor Bloomberg launched a probe into the NYPD … read more »

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Lil Kim Says B.I.G. Sends His Regards From The Afterlife And Does Not Approve Of Notorious Biopic

She might have already been somewhere around Tom Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch crazy before, but now Lil Kim has pretty much gone off the charts, nearing Michael Jackson-crazy (and we’re not talking about her plastic surgery). Oh, you hadn’t heard? Biggie talks to Kim in her dreams, and apparently he is not happy with his recent biopic, Notorious. Not happy at all. read more »

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Its Official, Chris Brown Is Crazy – And Charged With Two Felonies

When the Chris Brown/Rihanna assault story first broke, we couldn’t deny our responsibility to keep you informed. But now that the seriousness of the assault has been revealed — we’ve come to the conclusion that Chris seriously needs some help. read more »

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