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Lungu Lungu: Didjak Brings the Tshiluba Sun to Congolese Hip-Hop

Ghana-based Benjamin Lebrave speaks fluent French and English, and can schmooze in Spanish and Portuguese. He’ll report on new African music every other week. This week, it’s Congolese rapper Didjak Munya. Congolese music is the … read more »

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Lungu Lungu: Afropolitan or Cultural Bastard?

When the three countries you have ties to refuse to grant you asylum, let alone citizenship, you know you’re in a tough spot. Meet Alec Lomami. Born in Belgium but not eligible for Belgian citizenship, … read more »

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The Gentleman of Bocongo

The first shipment of The Gentleman of Bocongo is due to arrive at Trolley Books HQ in London today, and a sneak peak of what’s inside went up on the site earlier this month. The … read more »

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