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Video: Painting With Pastelheart

Last week you met pastelheart, an accomplished Durban-bred street artist with an eye for color and a taste for the surreal. In the second and final part of pastelheart’s mini-doc, we follow the 24-year-old through the course of a day in his not-so-ordinary life. read more »

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Video: Pastelheart Shows Us His Streets

Yesterday we introduced you to pastelheart, an eccentric 24-year-old artist from Durban. Today, we dive deeper into his artistic universe with the first of two videos, shot by Cape Town’s Adriaan Louw and narrated by pastel himself. read more »

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Interview: Pastelheart, A South African Street Artist

The Durban-based street artist opens up about getting arrested, his love/hate relationship with the internet, and the highs and lows of being a young, working artist in present-day South Africa. read more »

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Johannesburg's Boyzn Bucks

Sprite and The FADER Bring You A Street-Level Look Into South Africa

If you’re a longtime reader of The FADER, you already know that one of the most exciting places for music and culture is South Africa. From Kwaito to Spoek Mathambo, the country has both a … read more »

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