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Recently, I met up with my friend Daniel at Starbucks. He was killing time before a party and stopped by to work on some music. I found him at a group table with a cup … read more »

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Peaking Lights’ Lucifer Bracelet

Peaking Lights have collaborated with pretty jewelry line Peppercotton on a limited edition “Lucifer” bracelet to coincide with their album release June 19th. The album inspired the name and, with its illuminated neon blue cover … read more »

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Stream: Peaking Lights’ Lucifer Mixtape 3

Oh man, the third installment in Los Angeles duo Peaking Lights’ spring mixtape series isn’t even trying to be cool. That’s not a bad thing—being uncool is more fun a lot of the time. This … read more »

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Toy, “Motoring (Peaking Lights Remix)” MP3

Commissioned by Topman Ctrl, Peaking Lights accelerates their brand of woozy, psych dub into something slightly more hard in their remix for TOY’s “Motoring.” The result sounds strangely like some long-lost, early New Order demo. … read more »

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Interview: Peaking Lights at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse

Peaking Lights were the only band to bring a baby to this year’s FADER FORT Presented by Converse. When so many other performers spent their aftershow glow drinking beer and eating pizza, husband and wife … read more »

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Nite Jewel “One Second of Love (Peaking Lights One Love Remix)” MP3

Nite Jewel’s title track off One Second of Love is perhaps the most distinctly poppy and polished thing she’s ever produced, so it’s fun to hear how Peaking Lights has wacked out all that high-gloss, … read more »

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Stream: Peaking Lights, “LO HI”

Peaking Lights’ have sampled all the magical coos and squeals of their baby son Mikko’s voice, and laced them with mom Indra Duris’ lilting vocals and dad Aaron Coyes’ séance conjuring beat. Didn’t everyone’s family … read more »

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Stream: Peaking Lights Lucifer Mixtape I

Peaking Lights recently announced their forthcoming LP Lucifer (out June 18th on Mexican Summer), and as a sort of devilish precursor, they’ve released a mixtape to get us even more excited for the album. Is … read more »

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Stream: Peaking Lights, “Westbound”

Coolest parents around, Peaking Lights, premiered a song on BBC Radio 1 yesterday, where they also talked about how their baby (Huw Stephens calls him “Mini-Peaking Light”) is going to be on a still-untitled song … read more »

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Studio Time: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights’ 936 is a gorgeously relaxing album, filled with deep layers of dub and ghostly vocals. It’s an album that we couldn’t stop coming back to this year, and although it wasn’t our introduction … read more »

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