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Bageled: Pete Doherty Now Regrets Playing a Bar With a Breakfast Menu

The fact that Pete Doherty was 90 minutes late for a concert in Russia probably doesn’t even qualify as news to his mother anymore. The fact that the angry crowd chose to respond to his … read more »

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Pete Doherty Brings "Blue Crystals" to Court for Good Luck. Works, Then Doesn't.

Remember that time we used the word “genius” when describing Pete Doherty? We’ve been re-thinking that statement ever since and you know, we were dead wrong. Embarrassingly so. He may be well-read and  he may … read more »

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Pete Doherty Sings Nazi Anthem in Munich, Gets Hauled Off-Stage, Apologizes, Plays Stupid

Sigh. read more »

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New Libertines Album in 2010

Or never! read more »

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Full Glastonbury Lineup Announced

We’ve been scrambling to keep you up-to-date as Glastonbury’s slowly leaked megaconfirmation after megaconfirmation in the past few months. But today’s full lineup announcement is something to behold. read more »

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Someone Other Than Pete Doherty Addresses The Logistics Of A Real Libertines Reunion

This weekend’s one-off Libertines reunion may a precursor of things to come, as Carl Barat commented that he wouldn’t mind “[getting] on stage with Pete at some point soon,” and that he didn’t rule out playing with the whole group once again. read more »

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The Libertines Reunite At London Gig

In what’s sure to make Britpoppers around the world break out their army jackets and Cockney accents, three out of four members of the U.K.’s Libertines reunited on stage late Friday night at London’s Rhythm Factory for a tribute show for promoter Johnny “Rhythm” Sedassy. read more »

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Pete Doherty Takes Aim At Oasis To Make Babyshambles Britain's Best

Maybe because he hadn’t gotten into a fist fight in a while, and it just seemed like the right thing to do, Pete Doherty has decided that Babyshambles needs to make a “comeback album” to show Oasis what’s up and take their place as Britain’s top band. read more »

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Lee Mavers Of The La's To Collaborate With Babyshambles On New Album

Lee Mavers of The La’s must have had a great time with Pete Doherty on his recent solo tour. The Liverpool songwriter has asked Doherty’s band Babyshambles to be his backing band on his band’s new record. read more »

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Stream: Pete Doherty’s Grace/Wastelands LP

It’s impossible at this point to tell when Pete Doherty has it together, but he looks pretty good in the newish video for “Last of the English Roses” (above) and sounds better than he has … read more »

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