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Live: Red Bull Music Academy’s Drone Activity In Progress Showcase

The Knockdown Center in Queens used to be a door factory, which is fascinating because you rarely think of doors as coming from factories. Last night, Red Bull Music Academy presented a massive noise show … read more »

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Video: Pete Swanson, “Grounds For Arrest”

Though he started out making harsh noise, Pete Swanson’s new material is more dance-based, welding grinding electronics to a steady backbeat in a beautifully/nightmarishly unholy union. The video for “Grounds For Arrest,” directed by Diego … read more »

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Freak Scene: Black Dice’s Album Beaches and Canyons Is Still Really Important

Depending on who you are, maybe you know Black Dice as that super weird band that opens up for Animal Collective sometimes. Maybe you remember them from their noisier, more organic roots, or maybe you’ve … read more »

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Stream: Pete Swanson, “Life Ends at 30″

Pete Swanson, formerly of Yellow Swans, made an excellent under the radar jammer for Type with his album Man With Potential (it also featured an killer self portrait of sorts for its cover art). He’s … read more »

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Stream: How To Dress Well, “Cold Nites” (Pete Swanson Remix)

How To Dress Well first clicked for me when I stopped thinking of it as R&B and started thinking of it as noise music. The exact second that dawned on me was the exact second … read more »

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