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Video: Sean Falyon, “Can Ya Dig It?” (Live in Philly)

Here’s Sean Falyon performing “Can Ya Dig It?” live from the winner’s circle at Philadelphia’s Fluid nightclub, filmed magically with one of the cameras seemingly crammed inside the stage’s traffic light-colored strobe.

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Video: Young Chris Makes History

Young Chris left high school at 14 years old to further his group, the Young Gunz. “We ain’t go to school to be no doctors, no nurse, no lawyers, nothing like that,” he says, hoping … read more »

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Video: Sean Falyon on Tattoos

In the grand scheme of around-the-neck script and writing on top of writing, Sean Falyon’s not the most tatted-up dude. But he is proud of his ink. Here he shows off the “PA” on his … read more »

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Coming Soon: Young Chris Makes History

Eight years since the release of the Young Gunz’ “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” Young Chris, half of the philadelphia duo, calls those days history. But hearing that history reaffirmed when fans sing along word for … read more »

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Video: Freeway’s Hard Work and Cheesesteaks

Freeway’s a walking fashion feature. Here he shows off symbolic jewelry honoring album releases and his group State Property, as well as the shirt off his back from a clothing line he’s developing. But there’s … read more »

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Video: Freeway, “What We Do” (Live in Philly)

Perched on the balcony at Philadelphia’s Fluid nightclub, Freeway brings a rugged energy to “what we do.” No phony vocal track pushed through the speakers here—this is the sound of a man confident in his … read more »

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Coming Soon: Freeway and Cheesesteaks

Freeway is so ingrained in his city’s lore, it’s not surprising men on the street describe him like this: “Philadelphia Freeway, he’s like the cheese to the Philly cheesesteak.” Here’s a preview of his upcoming … read more »

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Video: Sean Falyon “Be Everywhere”

Sean Falyon has the rare distinction of performing in two uncapped LIVE shows, in Atlanta and Philadelphia, working-man’s proof of his “be everywhere” philosophy. He’s lived in both cities, but now resides down south, where … read more »

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Video: Sean Falyon, “Hands High” Live in Atlanta

Before taking the stage in Atlanta and opening our inaugural uncapped LIVE show, Sean Falyon shouted out his own facial hair. An ATLien by way of Philadelphia, he’s permanently repping dual allegiances with a “PA” … read more »

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Young Sam f. Meek Mill, “Mars” MP3

Ever since Philly underground-favorite Meek Mill inked his deal with Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music imprint, he’s seemed destined for a near future of little more than fading into Ross’ established aesthetic—on moody theatrical gangsta tracks … read more »

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