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Stream: Antony & the Johnsons f. Björk, “Flétta”

Antony let Björk shine on this new jam from his aptly titled Swanlights (we still covet that stuffed animal dress she wore to the Oscars, y’all, Joan Rivers can eat it). “Flétta” unfurls like a … read more »

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Live: Prince Rama at Pianos

Your mileage will vary with Prince Rama depending on your tolerance for drone jams and weird everything-at-once instrumental moments of overwhelming clatter. If that is your thing, then you will be in a serious zone … read more »

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Golden Girls, “Newports” MP3

Worcester, Massachusetts Scene Report: We have already fallen hard for the songs of DOM, but we didn’t realize they also had talented friends in their city like Golden Girls, who emailed us this song at … read more »

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Video: Gonzales vs Andrew WK

What began as a duel between two of the game’s biggest pianists, soon turned into a duet of banging and tickling. Whoa… hold on. Let’s start that over. A few weeks ago, Feist collaborator and … read more »

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