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01 William Arcane Press Shot photographer credit Vic Lentaigne

Stream William Arcane’s Permanence EP

William Arcane—South London singer/songwriter/producer or brother of Swamp Thing’s lover, depending who you ask—released his debut EP this week via the exceptional British label Pictures. Arcane is a capable singer, but the record’s most impressive … read more »

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Olugbenga Adelekan, the bassist of Metronomy, has capitalized his whole first name and joined forces with the great London label Pictures (previously: Dauwd, Lapalux, Koreless) for his debut, three-track single. Out May 20th, it’s a … read more »

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Stream: Dauwd, “Heat Division”

Following “And” and a solid FADER mix, both embedded below too, Peckham’s great producer (and Kindness’ studio-mate) Dauwd now brings us “Heat Division,” the deep, slinky title track of his forthcoming EP, out March 12th … read more »

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Stream: SOPHIE, “Nothing More to Say” and “EEEHHH”

Here are some Mario Kart beats for a real life Rainbow Road, courtesy of SOPHIE, a mysterious but not totally mysterious London producer who has been bubbling up slowly for some time, remixing Light Asylum … read more »

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Stream: Dauwd, “And”

When we spoke last month in an interview for his FADER mix, also embedded below, Dauwd teased a new EP but wouldn’t give us the details. Word is out: Heat Division arrives March 12th, a … read more »

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Download Dauwd’s FADER Mix

After catching our ear in 2011 with a pair of gorgeous singles on Pictures, the British producer Dauwd has been awfully silent, at least release-wise. Rumor has it a new EP is just around the … read more »

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Stream ShadowBox’s Haunted By Colors EP

Brooklyn’s ShadowBox bka Bonnie Baxter releases the Haunted By Colors EP tomorrow, via Pictures, with vocal tracks populated by delicate swells and clicks, a folkish turn with acoustic guitar over breaking-down web servers and a … read more »

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Stream: Lapalux, “Time Spike Jamz”

The best Lapalux songs are indeterminately biological, his smooth synths taking on waveforms usually reserved for the curves and warps only found in flowers and heard through stethoscopes. “Time Spike Jamz,” released on his Many … read more »

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ShadowBox, “AM” and “Running Like a Ghost” MP3s

ShadowBox is the solo project of Brooklyn’s Bonnie Baxter, who has released two new songs today via Pictures, paving the way for an EP, Haunted By Colors, later this summer. On “AM,” Baxter sounds a … read more »

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Stream: Bobby Champs, “All Night”

Brighton’s Bobby Champs is the latest artist out of Pictures, the great British label behind Dauwd, Lapalux and Rudi Zygadlo. “All Night” comes from his debut, out in March, promising a great Bobby Champs-fueled future … read more »

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