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Download Moon Duo’s FADER Mix

Though they’ve since relocated to Portland, Moon Duo‘s Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada recorded the bulk of their pummeling new Circles LP in Blue River, Colorado, a tiny mountain town where they holed up last … read more »

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Video: Black Mountain, "Old Fangs"

A few, very nerdy things: 1.) Black Mountain have never sounded so much like Queens of the Stone Age. 2.) But wait, oh shit, that bridge is pure Pink Floyd. 3.) And then, well that’s … read more »

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Bill Wyman and Nick Mason: Not Guitar Hero's Biggest Fans

Not really keen on that kind of stuff. read more »

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Five Questions For Chris Cornell

I almost don’t recognize Chris Cornell as he’s accompanied into his dressing room by his intimidating bodyguard: the vocalist has his hair tied up and has a cool demeanor reminiscent of nonchalance. But after grabbing a Diet Coke and settling into a black couch, the former Soundgarden/Audioslave singer, solo artist, and Paris restaurateur eyes me with a signal to begin. read more »

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I first experienced the Crystal Antlers at last year’s CMJ. I wasn’t there to see them; I was basically there to partake in the free drinks. The boozy hipster crowd was quite loud and sociable amongst themselves, until the Antlers strummed the first feedback drenched riff of their set and propelled head first into one of the most clamorous-yet-invigorating rock shows I had seen all week. read more »

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Still A Major Player? Pink Floyd Sues Long Term Label EMI For Unpaid Royalties

Pink Floyd is taking their long term record label, EMI to court; suing the label for allegedly miscalculating royalty payments on their back catalog. Neither the band nor the label has not commented on the amount of money in question, but since the success of the band’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall was so large — both of which are among the best-selling records of all time — the back owed royalties could possibly be in the millions. read more »

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Exclusive Download – Kenan Bell "Crosses" (Jose Gonzalez Remix)

He’s a teacher by day and Karl Malone’s cousin, that in itself should merit a listen to Kenan Bell. But the La Crescenta, CA hip-hop artist has recently dropped his “remix collective project” –- entitled Good News: The Mix-Tape — and with remixes of songs by artists as wide-ranging as Pink Floyd, Lily Allen, Gang Gang Dance, Jose Gonzalez, Peter, Bjorn & John, Duran Duran and Neil Diamond, how couldn’t you want to listen? read more »

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Hopewell Announces Details Of Good Good Desperation Release

The funny thing about Hopewell is that they have been sorely overlooked by those who like the psychedelic, dreamy pop being made by bands like Animal Collective, Dungen or to a lesser degree, Dirty Projectors, mainly because they brewed their cred in upstate New York versus Manhattan or Brooklyn. But that might change with the release of Good Good Desperation in May. read more »

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For the Love of Vinyl: The Album Art of Hipgnosis

We’ve been trying to wrap our minds around Picturebox‘s For the Love of Vinyl: The Album Art of Hipgnosis for a couple weeks now. Like, is this the most awesome shit ever, or was it … read more »

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