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GP 129: Dingolay / Onyenze / Ramajay / Tigerstyle / Zuzuka Poderosa

This edition of Ghetto Palms ended up being kind of a greatest misses for 2010—the only thing the beats really have in common being that I’m kicking myself for not including them in an earlier … read more »

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Video: Cypress Hill f. Pitbull & Marc Anthony, “Armada Latina”

FOR THE REST OF 2010, IF WE GO TO A BARBECUE AND THIS SONG IS NOT PLAYING, WE WILL IMMEDIATELY DIP. Just kidding! Here is the scenario we actually want though: B-Real and Sen Dog … read more »

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Video: Pitbull f. Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, Lil Jon & El Cata, “Watagatapitusberry (RMX)”

At first we were mad Pitbull and Lil Jon did this video because the version by a bunch of 15-year-old Dominicanos from the Bronx was just so freaking PERFECT. But if it means this loco … read more »

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Video: Machel Montano f. Lil Jon & Pitbull, “Floor on Fire”

You can never really go wrong with live footage from Carnival whether or not you’ve made a crunk soca anthem. It’s like free advertising for Trinidad… YES WE WANT TO COME WILD OUT WITH YOU, … read more »

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The Populist View – 05.28.09

Since we have a tendency to look below the radar for our music, we decided to take a weekly look at The Populist View. We’ll stop short of calling our tastes underground, let’s just say we’re pop-culturally inept. So we’ve devised a way to keep up to date. read more »

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Video: Pitbull f. Pharrell, “Blanco”

Looking at the the tracklist for the Fast & Furious soundtrack, released on Star Trak this week, it’s not hard to imagine Pharrell and Chad sitting on their dirtbikes laughing about all the money they … read more »

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Video: Pitbull f. Casely and DJ Khaled, “Defend Dade”

Pitbull‘s Dade County love letter includes stories of growing up underrated, extended shouts to Ricky Rawwwssss and also some pontificating on the general idea of DJ Khaled having haters since 1996(!) over familiar Miami synths … read more »

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Freeload: Machel Montano ft Pitbull & Lil Jon, “Floor On Fire”

For those of us who fondly remember the sweat gland funk induced by this trio with “The Anthem” remix, “Floor On Fire” is like heinous chemical warfare on our deodorant. That all three of them … read more »

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Freeload: DJ Laz f. T-Pain, “Esa Morena 08″

Pitbull’s recent single “The Anthem” was built off a sizeable chunk of the Euro hit “Calabria,” but it also borrowed liberally from DJ Laz’s 1991 bass nugget “Mami El Negro,” resulting in perhaps the single … read more »

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Video : Pitbull f. Machel Montano & Lil Jon, “The Anthem Remix (Defense)”

The original version of “The Anthem” has been crunktifying quinceañeras for months now, but it took Machel Montano jumping on the refix to bring it to the bashments. We’re not sure what either of them … read more »

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