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The Complete Kanye West Reading List

Kanye West is the narcissist we deserve, often admire, and sometimes love. To prepare for the release of his sixth album, Yeezus, and to contextualize the upcoming onslaught of reviews, rambles and write-ups, we’ve prepared … read more »

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Freak Scene: Black Dice’s Album Beaches and Canyons Is Still Really Important

Depending on who you are, maybe you know Black Dice as that super weird band that opens up for Animal Collective sometimes. Maybe you remember them from their noisier, more organic roots, or maybe you’ve … read more »

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Win Tickets To This Year's Pitchfork Festival

NOT next year’s. read more »


DECISION ’09: Wavves vs Pitchfork

Feel the drama. read more »

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IM Solipsist – Are You Reading This?

In his opening column, Michael Cranston — the IM Solipsist — voices meta-concerns of how to be interesting in a market already grossly oversaturated in blogs and opinions to Tripwire Editor Derek Evers. read more »

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Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber Doesn't Make The Time 100 Cut

Despite the support of his indie brethren — and being called the “Pravda of indie rock” — Schreiber didn’t make the “Scientists and Thinkers” portion of the Time 100 list. Oh well, the competition was stiff. read more »

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We're Not the Only Ones Obsessed With Bromst

Yes, we know we might “obsessing” a bit, having already featured “Snookered”, “Red F”, and “Get Older”, compounded by Tripwire Editor Derek Evers’ “blowjob of a review”, but hey, we’re not the only ones. read more »

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Pitchfork Founder Ryan Schreiber Nominated For Time 100

Holy shit. Ryan Schreiber, founder of Pitchfork Media, has been nominated as a finalist for The Time 100 Most Influential People in the World. Alongside Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict XVI, Robert Mugabe, Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh sits our very own indie compadre Mr. Schreiber. read more »

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From The Editor – Ok, I'll Be The One To Say It, The New Animal Collective Album Is…

Today we have unveiled our review of the highly anticipated, much internet-sheriffed about new Animal Collective album Merriweather Post Pavilion. And like many of our contemporaries, we find it to be quite an enjoyable listen. But exactly one week into 2009 and it’s already being proclaimed the best record of the year, with some giving it higher praise than any release in all of 2008. And so I am left to wonder; am I the only one who isn’t even sure it’s the best record I’ve gotten in the last week, let alone all of this year and last? read more »

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NME Posted False Pitchfork Best Of List, But Why?

We know Pitchfork has a penchant for partnering up with reputable people, and the fact they like to only credit a few sources. So with conspiracy theories abound we’re asking ourselves this morning, why would NME lie about Pitchfork’s top ten records of 2008? read more »

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