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Indulge in Body Language’s Super Summery, Jackson 5-Tinged “4 Real”

FADER PREMIERE Brooklyn dance-pop outfit Body Language have plans to release a dark and moody full-length this coming fall, but first they’ll indulge this season’s estival good vibes with an EP called Infinite Sunshine, due … read more »

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London’s GEoRGiA Makes Gritty Pop with Guts; Listen To “Digits” Now

FADER PREMIERE Technology has a lot of answer for. Yeah, internet internet internet. But in matters of the heart, we’re all at the mercy of the latest gadgetry. Once upon a time, a grubby love … read more »

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Yuna Brightens Up & Pops Out in “Come Back”

Personally, I like Yuna most at her darkest. The soft-faced, sweet-voiced Malaysian singer-songwriter pelts out brooding notes of heartbreak like few can–see her breakout “Decorate” or the ominous “Someone Out Of Town.” But in her … read more »

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Popping Off: Why Sia’s Disappearing Act is Changing the Landscape for Women in Pop

Having written hits for Rihanna and Beyoncé, Sia’s turning her own pop project into a feminist statement We pride ourselves at The FADER on scouring the globe to introduce you to some of the most … read more »

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Listen to “Burning up,” a Summer Groove from New London Trio JUCE

FADER PREMIERE The vitamin D rush you get from even the briefest exposure to some summer sun is powerful stuff, enough to shoo away the aches and pains of everyday living for a few. Which … read more »

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Watch Jessie Ware’s Gentle Video for “Tough Love”

Jessie Ware shares a video today for “Tough Love,” the lead track from her as-yet-unnamed follow-up to her 2012 debut album Devotion. The visuals are easy on the eyes, although people with allergies might react … read more »

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Let WIFE’s New Video Get Under Your Skin

“I’m a big guy, but…I’m not afraid to tell someone I’m vulnerable as fuck like anybody else,” James Kelly, former metal frontman turned experimental singer-songwriter WIFE, told FADER last month. His debut solo album What’s … read more »

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Zola Jesus on New Album, Taiga: “I Had to Overcome a Lot of Fear”

The 25-year-old singer says why her fourth LP feels like her first When artists stop by the office to share music, we almost always ask them to take a “FADER Selfie” for our Instagram. Nika … read more »

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Contributors: Geordie Wood on Lana Del Rey

“Fuck it. Let’s do it at my house.” From the magazine: ISSUE 92, June/July 2014 For The FADER’s new issue, photo editor Geordie Wood shot Lana Del Rey. Here, he shares how the enigmatic mega-pop … read more »

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You’re Too Cute: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SOPHIE, PC Music and the Aesthetic of Excess

The 21st century’s obsession with cute unites the mainstream and the underground—but what’s behind it? SOPHIE—the dapper, strawberry-topped producer from London who makes avant-electronica for androids, dripping with the city’s garage and grime influences—is writing … read more »

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