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Delicate Steve, “Don’t Get Stuck (Proud Elephants)” MP3

Delicate Steve recorded “Don’t Get Stuck (Proud Elephants)” in rented house in Warwick, NY, summer 2010. The idea was to create a recording environment like the one Red Hot Chili Peppers had during the Blood … read more »

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Premiere: Melted Toys, “Portals” MP3

Besides floating hollowed out orange halves down the street after heavy rains, one of our favorite pastimes as a kid was to melt together two of our brothers’ G.I. Joes using only the power of … read more »

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Premiere: Cold War Kids, “Mine is Yours (Yeasayer Remix)” MP3

It seems like only yesterday that we were putting the finishing touches on our Yeasayer cover, but it was a full year ago. So much has happened since then: We lost a tooth, the dog … read more »

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Premiere: Mustang, “Dick Reverse (Canblaster & Sam Tiba Remix)” MP3

First of all, do an image search of “dick reverse.” Enjoy that NSFWness for a moment. Happy holidays. Now try to forget what you’ve just seen and listen to the track of the same name … read more »

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Video Premiere: Spoek Mathambo, “War On Words”

From his debut solo album, Mshini Wam, comes Spoek Mathambo’s new supernatural video for “War On Words,” starring current FADER cover star Spoek Mathambo and the boys from his Mshini Wam band. Listen to Mshini … read more »

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Premiere: Rwanda’s The Good Ones’ New Dead Oceans Single “Sara”

On a recent trip to Kigali, Rwanda in search of local music, producer Ian Brennan (recently of Kyp Malone’s Rain Machine) happened upon the gents in The Good Ones and quickly proceeded to record the … read more »

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Premiere: Crystal Fighters, “In The Summer (Telepathe Remix)” MP3

The multinational conglomerate known as Crystal Fighters have a new album named Star of Love coming on September 13th, and by the sounds of the first single, “In The Summer,” that star is actually a … read more »

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Premiere: The FADER Issue 68 Featuring The-Dream

The R&B King title is as hotly debated as say, King of New York, or King of the South. There have been pivotal moments when the decision is unanimous like R. Kelly’s reign, but then … read more »

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Video Premiere: Bomba Estereo, “Aguasala”

You may recognize the handsome Colombians of Bomba Estereo from such recent FADER exploits as the Levi’s® FADER Fort in Austin, Texas, where they wowed the crowd and then sat in our trailer for a … read more »

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Premiere: Nacho Lovers, “Deeper (CFCF Remix)” MP3

For those unfamiliar, Nacho Lovers are not shy with a house anthem. In fact, previous singles made us want to visit the magical land known as Ibiza and become year-round shirtless bartenders, until we realized … read more »

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