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flight facilities clare de lune

Stream: Flight Facilities f. Christine Hoberg, “Clair De Lune (Prins Thomas Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE I love Flight Facilities‘ original “Clair De Lune”—the video is above. It reminds me of The Field’s “A Paw in My Face” a bit in the way it so delicately and prettily unfurls, … read more »

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Stream: Carmen Villain, “Lifeissin (Prins Thomas Remix)”

The Smalltown Supersound label is synonymous with excellent Norwegian disco. Prins Thomas, a leader in the field, puts his magic touch to new, weird rocker Carmen Villain, whose debut album will be released on the … read more »

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Stream Prins Thomas’ Album Prins Thomas II

Prins Thomas‘ new album Prins Thomas II works as one massive track, incorporating bassy horns, staccato drum rolls and bouncy synths into his expertly produced, textured dance music. It’s what he’s been doing for years, … read more »

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Premiere Stream: El Guincho, “Antillas (Prins Thomas Remix)”

In his feature about El Guincho in FADER 54, Jace Clayton (aka fellow collage artist DJ /Rupture) outlined their shared nerd-out: After 15 minutes shooting the shit about Dilla and Guinean label Sylliphone and how … read more »

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Junior Boys, “Work” (Prins Thomas Remix) MP3

A couple years back, Prins Thomas, Norwegian disco deity, DJ’d at Queens’ Water Taxi Beach. Water Taxi Beach is not actually a beach, just an empty lot filled with sand trucked in from somewhere—if memory … read more »

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Freeload: Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, “Rothaus (Groove Edit)” MP3

Masters of stoner dance jams Lindstrom and Prins Thomas linked up to record II, and are releasing “Rothaus (Groove Edit)’” into the wild. It is ideal for all the things you might do while relaxing. … read more »

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Dear Winter, Eat It

We’ve had just about enough of this seeing-your-breath/feeling-your-soul-ebb bullshit that has been New York City weather since October, and we’ve done everything we can to be nice and post summer songs only as wishful thinking. … read more »

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