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Stream: Beat Culture f. Psychic Twin, “Drifter”

FADER PREMIERE Two years after Beat Culture’s debut LP, Tokyo Dreamer, recorded when he was a teenager, he’s back with a new single, “Drifter,” featuring Brooklyn’s Psychic Twin. Among footwork toms and a wildly slashed … read more »

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Video: Psychic Twin, “Dream State”

Between her crisp, pentatonic melody lines and her natural sense of restraint, there’s something instantly iconic about Erin Fein’s performance on “”Dream State,” the second single from Psychic Twin’s “Strangers” seven-inch. Perhaps it’s because she’s … read more »

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Video: Psychic Twin, “Strangers”

As the story goes, Psychic Twin‘s Erin Fein came up with the name for the project when she realized that every time she used vocal multi-tracking to write a song, she felt like she was … read more »

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Stream: Psychic Twin, “Strangers”

Name-wise, the Chicago duo comprised of vocalist Erin Fein and multi-instrumentalist Brett Sanderson has kind of an enigmatic origin story. While writing some preliminary material for the group, Fein would double and harmonize over her … read more »

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