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Stream: Purple, “The Club (Shlohmo Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE We premiered London-via-Portugal producer Purple’s “The Club” video a few months back—that’s it above—and now Shlohmo, who released the song via his WEDIDIT Collective, has joined in for an official remix. His version … read more »

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Purple - 7

Video: Purple, “The Club”

FADER PREMIERE This is the first we’ve seen or heard from London-via-Portugal producer and WEDIDIT Collective member Purple, but… !!!! Growly, slutty, pitched-up R&B for fans of The Weeknd, Evian Christ, Shlohmo, sweating.

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YahZarah "Why Dontcha Call Me Anymore" MP3

The wait might be over for YahZarah’s first album in seven years. Last summer she reintroduced herself as Purple St. James to match her changing image—sans dreadlocks. It was working for her, along with a … read more »

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Turboweekend, “Trouble Is (Joker Remix)” MP3

Joker, can we just tell you how much we feel your skunky bass vibes? Natty Danes Turboweekend‘s angsty single “Trouble Is” is like their One Republic “Apologize” as seen through the bass lens of Blank … read more »

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Simian Mobile Disco f. Beth Ditto, “Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)” MP3

The consensus on Simian Mobile Disco‘s newest album Temporary Pleasure is that it’s not as earth-crumbling as their debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release, but some of the criticism seems to be aimed at the fact … read more »

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Ginz Purple Podcast for Data Transmission

A forever interesting peculiarity of UK dance culture is its constant incremental evolution. Where US hip hop and JA dancehall are always hip hop and dancehall no matter how massive the shifts in style and … read more »

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Video: Joker Live at Sonar

On Friday, we posted audio of Joker’s set at Sonar, and now we’ve got the video. Or, Radio 1′s Mary Anne Hobbs has the video and we watched it. A few months ago, when we … read more »

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Freeload: Joker’s Sonar Mix + The Heavy, “How You Like Me Now” Remix

Two different FADERers were listening to two different Joker joints this morning, a tracklist-less rip of his mix from Sonar in Spain one week ago (you can tell because someone yells BARCELOOOONA really loud) and … read more »

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Bass Odyssey, Part 47

Yep, like a cat that’s been locked out in the rain overnight for weeing on the new carpet, here I come, crawling back with my tail between my legs after another unnecessarily long hiatus. I’ve … read more »

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YahZarah Touches Fresh Ground On "The Tickler"

Little Brother’s soul sister takes a new approach for the first single from her new album The Ballad of Purple St. James. read more »

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