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Lungu Lungu: Instilling African Confidence

Ghana-based Benjamin Lebrave speaks fluent French and English, and can schmooze in Spanish and Portuguese. He’ll report on new African music every other week. This week, he wrote about Mo Laudi, a South African DJ … read more »

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Video: The Very Best, “Yoshua Alikuti”

FADER #52 cover star Esau Mwamwaya and producer Johan Hugo will release their second full-length as The Very Best, titled MTMTMK, on July 17th via Moshi Moshi and Cooperative Music. They’ve been working on it … read more »

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Premiere: A.J. Holmes & the Hackney Empire f. Kastro, “Fraudian Slip (Erick Rincon’s Tribal Guarachero RMX)” MP3

As Eddie Stats wrote in Ghetto Palms a couple weeks ago, one of our favorite blogs, Ghetto Bassquake, is branching out into the record-making business, purveying the same type of adventurous, global-loving sounds we’ve come … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 114: Busy Signal / Elephant Man / Secousse / Sahel Phones

Ok, people. I have to get myself together and catch a flight to India so I am going to dispense with the usual Ghetto Palms formalities of blending and whatnot and just play you a … read more »

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Video: The Very Best f. Mo Laudi, “Angonde (Johan Hugo RMX)”

We randomly met Mo Laudi this weekend at our issue release party (starring his friend Spoek Mathambo), but he apparently forgot to tell us that he’s the new MC in The Very Best. Then he … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 111: Ghetto Bassquake / Hackney Empire / New Label / Exclusive Interview!

I’m not saying things didn’t happen in the last week or two. Oh, they happened. But I am going to forgo my usual “things happened” update to concentrate on the ripples of one particular stone … read more »

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We Just Listened to Radio Secousse for 24 Hours in a Row

Secousse is the monthly party run by Johan and Etienne of Radioclit/The Very Best in cities all over the world but based at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club. If you go to it, you should … read more »

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The Very Best, “Tengazako” at the Levis® FADER Fort

There were many, many memorable performances at the Fort this, but the one that made the most people feel physically healthier and happier was The Very Best. Esau Mwamwaya’s voice has now surpassed all others … read more »

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Radioclit, “We Like to Party” MP3

Straight from the horses’ mouths: here’s something for the FADER blog maybe? it’s a bit silly, we made it for our drunken australian tour but maybe some other crazy dudes will be into it. We’re … read more »

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Jeremy Scott’s Cartoon Savannah

Jeremy Scott‘s first collection for Adidas, released earlier this year, was a glittery-gold selection of irresistibly cut (wearable) harem pants, sequins, sporty fringed tanks and coveted winged hightops. His next installment abandons his black-gold-and-silver, Studio … read more »

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