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Stephen Colbert Takes The Piss Out Of Radiohead

It’s been 18 years too long since Radiohead was on late night American television. Since then, they’ve become such superstars that they were invited to dominate the full, hour-long episode of The Colbert Report. Always … read more »

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jamie xx

Stream: Radiohead, “Bloom (Jamie XX Remix)”

Two British legends (or one probably soon to be) in Thom Yorke and Jamie XX get connected for the first time on this remix of Radiohead‘s “Bloom.” It’s a spooky one, floating bells and Yorke’s … read more »

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Stream: Jamie XX’s Radio 1 Essentials Mix

We’re at our desks, juggling this and that, and not wholly able to enter into the focused two-hour stationary bike session* necessary to properly digest Jamie XX‘s Radio 1 Essentials Mix. But we can say … read more »

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Cool Guys Remix Radiohead

Ever since Thom Yorke started popping up at events with Flying Lotus and jamming with Burial and Four Tet and stuff, it was pretty clear that in addition to being the frontman to a rock … read more »

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Stream: Radiohead, “Supercollider” / “The Butcher”

Radiohead put out a 12-inch to commemorate Saturday’s Record Store Day, and that shit sold out fast. Radiohead is one of the last bands in the world that can turn a three-day-old release into a … read more »

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Extra! Extra! Radiohead Releases a Newspaper

The members of A Universal Sigh. The newspaper is being released alongside their album King of Limbs, which has been available for several weeks via digital download. They’re also planning to release a “newspaper album” … read more »

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Thom Yorke + DOOM

What’s going ON lately? Our feeble brains can’t take in all this stuff we really love flanked by all these devastating news. Our people in Japan are suffering and constantly in our thoughts. Nate Dogg … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Totally Interactive

You know plenty about spring in Austin. You know about the parties and the swag and the total insanity. I thought I knew all that too. I totally thought I was ready. I guess you’re … read more »

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Dinosaur Bones, “Birthright (CFCF Remix)” MP3

Temporary-Parisian CFCF‘s remix of Dinosaur Bones‘ “Birthright” takes what was once a solid, solid mono-rock song on some space-filter shit, retaining the original’s structure while replacing guitars with square waves and drum kits with programming … read more »

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The Tripwire Podcast 065

Stream: The Tripwire Podcast 065 Download an enhanced version with album art, links, and chapters, here. Full track information after the jump!

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